• Allison is the best bar tender!! And David took good care of us and our party of 5. Highly recommend the cheese balls and the grilled cheese toast! Cheers!
  • There are so many good things about this restaurant that its hard to decide where to begin. The eatery is beautiful, washed with white, light wood, and rustic decor and seating, making this a modern, but cozy place to nosh and sip. This restaurant is situated in Old 502 Winery's former tasting room and gift shop and focuses on small plates, sandwiches and of course wine from Old 502 Winery and Falls City Beer. The menu is my absolute favorite in Louisville. It is limited but the options that they have are nothing less than magical. (Did she just say that?...Yeah, she did.) They've created a menu full of small plates large enough to share and a  plethora of burgers and sandwiches with amazing protein options to fill your belly to the brim! A few of their meats include bison, Angus, chorizo, lamb and tuna and each are served with perfectly paired sauces, jams, cheese and breads. And the best thing? They top at $12.00. A few of my favorite dishes that I've have had here so far is the bison meatball sandwich with spicy marinara, melted cheese and Italian bread and the lamb nachos with fried wontons. I've also had a few of their sides, I highly recommend the French fries to split for two bucks to go with the sandwiches, or the gooey breadcrumb covered mac and cheese. The Scotch duck eggs made with bison, charred scallion aoli and Lingonberry jelly will be my next plate for sure! I was excited to try there take on the Scotch egg, but my stomach could take no more. Do you want to know the secret behind this delicious, creative and affordable menu? Well, Chef Griffin Paulin who is the former chef of Hammerheads and Roux assisted heavily in creating the menu, with an emphasis on making the plates pair perfectly with the alcohol served from Old 502 Winery and Falls City Beer. So if you like these restaurants, I've got a feeling you'll love the food here. I've got to say, Old 502 wine is DELICIOUS. While visiting I had the wine flight, four wines for $12.00 and each one was unique and fun to taste. No serious business with these, just enjoyable sippers. I tried Bach's wine (slightly sweet, my second favorite), Kentucky Lady (quite sweet, smooth and fruity, my number one favorite), Bourbon Barrel Red (a teensy bit oaky, smooth, a bit dry, highly enjoyable) and the Reese-ling (my least favorite). I've also had their Bore Dough, the first dry wine I've ever actually loved. Their wines are absolutely perfect for beginners and while I get my wine wings I will never come here and not get the flight. There are just too many amazing wines to choose from. They don't forget the beer lovers either. At any given time they have at least four Falls City beers on tap, some exclusive to just Louisville, and plenty of guests taps to choose from. They also offer a flight of four beers for a slightly lower costs than the wines. Overall: One of my favorite places in Louisville. Do I wish it was anywhere else but Portland? Yup, but I will always drive here for this place. I highly recommend this restaurant if you want an affordable, fun meal full of unique flavors with a knowledgeable (albeit VERY busy) staff. This place embodies the spirit of Louisville, it just gets me man.
  • It's not fine dining, but for a bar/restaurant, hip-type place, it's great. The food is unique and fabulous, the wine is right on, the beer cold and the price tag very reasonable. The staff are knowledgable, friendly without being intrusive, efficient and very pleasant. The decor is divey while being sophisticated. The location is the only reason it's not overrun with customers, since it's on 10th between Market and Main. All the better for parking. We'd heard good things, but going downtown and then some always seemed a little much so it was by luck that we went the distance and found a new favorite. I'm always leery of places that sell only "their" wine and this place seemed doubly dubious by selling only their wine and their beer. No sauvignon blanc but I was offered an alternative called "White Noise" that was dry, (with only a hint of sweet left on the pallet) and near perfect. Who knew the Old 502 Winery had it in them! My companion was offered several tastes of the various Falls City beers on draft and was very satisfied with a Hipster Repellant IPA. The wine rang in at $8 for a very healthy pour and the beer was $6 a glass. I then went for the bison burger with spinach, white cheddar, pickled cucumber and green chili aioli on brioche. I'm always tempted to question the chef's vision by asking for changes or additions but was smart this time and left the burger as designed. I mistakenly ordered my medium and was fortunate it came out a little more rare. The tastes are perfectly married and I loved every bite. My companion had the PBLT--country fried pork belly sandwich with pickled green tomato, chard, spicy bourbon mustard aioli on bread-of-the-day which turned out to be rye. Another home run. We split an order of hand cut fries and the amount was just right. The menu is interesting so I'm anxious to return. The chef must have a love affair with duck since there are duck wings, duck sliders and duck breast (stuffed with chorizon cornbread dressing!) on the small menu. There is also plenty of pork belly along with vegetarian options like the black-eye pea cake and the cornbread soufflé. Other sandwiches include smoked tempeh (sort of tofu but not exactly) and a house ground burger. If you are looking for a more substantial meal, look no further than the short ribs. Sides include, among others, mac and cheese and beautiful looking Brussles sprouts. There are soups and salads too, including a charred cauliflower salad that looked tasty. The price point is not insignificant but it's well priced. A beef burger is $8 while the bison burger is $11. Entrees run from $13 to $18 (pork belly and duck breast) and the sides $4-$6. Our waitress/bar tender said a summer menu is coming out in a few days and there will be lots of changes so we are planning our return trip. It's a great find.
  • The food is phenomenal! Over the 9 has quickly become my favorite restaurant in Louisville. The short rib is seriously one of the best things I've ever had! So is the grit bowl on their brunch menu! Great atmosphere and service as well. Love this place.
  • I'd like to give them 10 stars! This place is awesome! Great food, beer, wine. Great service! You've got to get down here!